Touchwiz Android 4.4.4 for Galaxy S3

back-to-n00t; Bring the LTE fun back to 3G

/* Introduction */

Previously, Korean developers were porting i9300 ROMs to e210s.

How ironic, we are now porting e210s ROM back to i9300!


The Korean letter "눝", pronounced "noot", symbolizes LTE(as you can see).

/* Overview */

Touchwiz Android 4.4.4 for Exynos Galaxy S3 3G

Ported from Exynos Galaxy S3 LTE

Havily debloated


Deodexed, zipaligned, uncompressed

Since this no longer bases on N7100 ROM, this is much more stable than other KitKat ports

/* Changelog */


    SMS, MMS issues fixed



    Korean characters from the dialer removed

    AllShare and Screen Mirroring fixed

    Mobile Data, 2G/3G toggle and SMS Delivery report fixed



    CSC reworked from I9300XXUGMK6_BTU

    Google Apps updated to improve stability

    Camera Shutter Sound control enabled

    APN and SPN fixed

    Kernel updated to E210SKSUKNK3

    Entropy hook on storage removed for performance

    Random drivers updated to the latest mainline Linux

    LZO security vulnerability fixed



    Rebased to E210SKSUKNK3

        - Every forkers of this project is recommended to also rebase their ROM

    Debloated even more

    Compiler optimizations for kernel fixed and improved

    L1/L2 caches size defined (by JustArchi)

    Now uses new ARM instructions set

    Full unaligned access enabled

    Linaro's power-efficient workqueues merged

    Boeffla sound engine 1.6.7 merged

    Random drivers backported from Linux 3.19 for performance

    Westwood as the default TCP congestion control



    Faulty Camera fix removed for fixing Cameras that has worked on V1 and V2

        - If Camera worked for V1 or V2, flash V5. If it still doesn't work, do a full factory reset

        - If Camera never worked for V1 or V2 and now, V5, flash the Camera fix from here : https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s3/development/fix-camera-stopped-error-samsung-based-t2499158

    Patches model name to SHW-M440S for SHW-M440S users



    So major that I decided to skip V3

    HUGE improvements via rebased kernel(now uses SHV-E210S KitKat kernel source)

    USSD fixed (Maybe. I haven't tested out yet)

    Graphics glitches fixed

    Wireless mirroring fixed (Maybe. I haven't tested out yet)

    Unaligned access enabled

    Deadline I/O scheduler with latency improved

    500MB of vnswap enabled (should improve memory managements and random reboots)

    Uses newly improved LZO for ramdisk & zImage and swap

    AIO(Asynchronous I/O) enabled and improved 30%

    Take advantages with Android 4.4.4 with extra free kbytes tunable

    MMC and ext4 performance improved

    ARCH_POWER enabled



    RIL fixed (SMS and signal strength now fully functional)

    Fixed Call logs being empty

    More de-bloated

    Added missing /preload apps

    T Roaming settings removed

    Lockscreen shortcut settings added



    Initial release to XDA developers

/* Known issues */

Cannot charge while the phone is off

/* Disclaimer */

Your warranty is now void.

I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,

thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please

do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM

before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if

you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. Hard. A lot.

/* More disclaimer */

Unlike Besonderes, everyone is encouraged to fork this project and make his or her own ROM based on this project.

Please read https://github.com/arter97/back-to-n00t/blob/master/README

/* Supported device */

Galaxy S3 3G International (GT-I9300)

Galaxy S3 SK-3G (SHW-M440S)

/* What you need to know */

'Open' does not mean 'no-respect'

Leave credits to original developers

/* Credits */

(Park Ju Hyung) arter97




(Ra Sung Hun) sktjdgns1189

    Initial kernel and ramdisk bring-up


    Baseband error fix (cbd's shared library)

    L1/L2 cache trick



    Camera fix for some unique camera modules out there

@kasper933 and @Grouxho

    Fix for Mobile Data, 2G/3G toggle and SMS Delivery report

/* Contact */

Email : qkrwngud825@gmail.com

Twitter : @arter97

/* etc */

The ROM file contains kernel modified specifically for this ROM.

This ROM is heavily debloated.

This is based on Korean firmware, some stuffs may remain in Korean(e.g. Dialer).

BusyBox or Superuser is not included!

/* Kernel */

Toolchain optimizations with Linaro 4.9

Config optimizations

Unaligned access enabled

Deadline I/O scheduler with latency improved

Uses newly improved LZO for ramdisk & zImage and swap

AIO(Asynchronous I/O) enabled and improved 30%

Take advantages with Android 4.4.4 with extra free kbytes tunable

MMC and ext4 performance improved

ARCH_POWER enabled

New ARM instructions set

Full unaligned access enabled

Linaro's power-efficient workqueues

Boeffla sound engine 1.6.7

Random drivers backported from Linux 3.19 for performance

Westwood as the default TCP congestion control

/* Downloads */



/* Opensource */


/* Installation */

1. Install ClockworkMod(or PhilZ) recovery

2. Put ROM on your SD card

3. Enter recovery

4. Perform a full data wipe(except you're running previous versions of back-to-n00t)

5. Flash ROM

6. Flash SuperSU



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