arter97 kernel

arter97 kernel for Galaxy S4 LTE-A, Galaxy Note 3

/* Features */

Based on stock SM-N750S(Note 3 Neo) kernel source for more updates

Supports AOSP and Touchwiz

Upgraded to the latest Linux

Compiled using latest ARM Linaro-toolchain with optimization options

Speed improvements

New I/O Schedulers

Color inverting by quadriple tapping on home button

/* Details */

Upgraded to the latest Linux 3.4

Kernel & ramdisk compression in LZO format

Kernel scheduler improvements

Full unaligned access enabled

Improved memcpy, hrtimer, mutex, cpufreq, memory-management, writeback

Optimized RWSEM, crypto, math drivers

Wi-Fi wakelock reduced

BFQ v7r8, SIO, FIOPS, FIFO, VR, ZEN I/O Schedulers added

Deadline I/O Scheduler speed improved

Asynchronous fsync from hTC ported by faux123

Dynamic fsync from faux123

Networking speed improvements

Disabled MMC-CRC for better speed

ARCH_POWER enabled for better power savings

Fading LED control by AndreiLux (only for S4 LTE-A)

Replaced MP-Decision with Intelli_plug

Fauxsound from faux123

Random driver backported from Linux 4.0+

SCHED_AUTOGROUP enabled for best multitasking experience

Westwood as default TCP congestion control for best networking speed

i2c clock rates adjusted to 19.2 MHz for better battery life

Built with LTO(Link-Time-Optimizations) to provide optimum performance

Power-efficient workqueues from Linaro

SELinux set to permissive or disabled

Compiler optimizations for Krait architecture

Proper, full support for f2fs & backported from latest upstream Linux

Cryptographic drivers optimized for NEON

Entropy hook on storage removed for performance

Default file-system mount option with noatime & nodiratime

Power-efficient workqueues backported from linaro-lsk

/* User configurable vnswap toggle */

vnswap is a virtual ramdisk driver from Samsung that can be used with zswap.

The goal is to efficiently replace zram.

Enabling vnswap will try to compress 50% of your RAM, resulting in

6GB+ usable memory on Galaxy Note 3 and

4GB+ usable memory on Galaxy S4 LTE-A.

Enabling this will drastically improve multitasking experience at the cost of slightly reduced power efficiency.

This is recommended for users who heavily multitasks or do not turn off the phone for days.

This is turned on by default on all Touchwiz ROMs.

You can manually enable or disable it via writing 1 or 0 to /data/.arter97/vnswap and reboot.

(You will have to create /data/.arter97 directory and create vnswap textfile yourself.)

You can check if the vnswap is working properly by checking /proc/swaps

/* Disclaimer */

Your warranty is now void.

I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,

thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please

do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this kernel

before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if

you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. Hard. A lot.

/* Supported devices */

Galaxy S4 LTE-A SK (SHV-E330S, ks01lteskt)

Galaxy S4 LTE-A KT (SHV-E330K, ks01ltektt)

Galaxy S4 LTE-A LG (SHV-E330L, ks01ltelgt)

Galaxy S4 LTE + International (GT-I9506, ks01ltexx)

Galaxy Note 3 SK (SM-N900S, hlteskt)

Galaxy Note 3 KT (SM-N900K, hltektt)

Galaxy Note 3 LG (SM-N900L, hltelgt)

Galaxy Note 3 International (SM-N9005, hltexx)

Galaxy Note 3 T-Mobile (SM-N900T, hltetmo)

Galaxy Note 3 Canada (SM-N900W8, hltecan) - Please use SM-N900T/hltetmo kernel

/* Warning */

Redistribution, modifying files used within this project's file or integrating with other projects are prohibited with no exceptions other than my projects.

Making mirrors, re-uploading to another servers are also prohibited with no exceptions.

/* What you need to know - AOSP */

This kernel has a very different characteristics compared to other AOSP kernels,

this kernel is not based on CyanogenMod sources, thus it doesn't have all of those unstable CAF commits.

By basing on stock OSRC kernel releases, you can expect ultimate stability.

/* What you need to know - 2 */

'Opensource' does not mean 'no-respect'

Leave credits to original developers

I do not own a Galaxy Note 3, thus support for those variants may lack.

/* FAQ */

Why are other CPU governors disabled?

I personally don't want any of my users to play around CPU governors. It'll start be a mess when I try to add support for other CPU governors.

Can I use stock mpdecision and stock thermal engine?

This one too, I'd like my users to stick with intelli_plug and intelli-thermal. Stock implementation is faulty, cores can lock down with stock mpdecision. As for intelli-thermal, the benchmarking score may reduce but will help for a lower temperature of the device and increase the efficiency of the thermal control.

How can I switch to another or stock kernel?

You may have to reinstall the entire ROM. Wipe /system and install the ROM. The included addon.d script helps the kernel to survive on nightly upgrades, but you need to remove it or wipe /system to switch to another kernel.

/* Thanks to */





hsk from Matcl



/* Contact */

Email : qkrwngud825@gmail.com

Twitter : @arter97

/* Downloads and links */

Galaxy S4 LTE-A with AOSP (Android 5.0 Lollipop) (EOL)

Galaxy S4 LTE-A with AOSP (Android 5.1 Lollipop) (EOL)

Galaxy S4 LTE-A with AOSP (Android 6.0 Marshmallow)

Galaxy S4 LTE-A with Touchwiz (Android 4.4 KitKat) (EOL)

Galaxy S4 LTE-A with Touchwiz (Android 5.0 Lollipop)

Galaxy Note 3 with AOSP (Android 5.0 Lollipop) (EOL)

Galaxy Note 3 with AOSP (Android 5.1 Lollipop) (EOL)

Galaxy Note 3 with AOSP (Android 6.0 Marshmallow)

Galaxy Note 3 with Touchwiz (Android 4.4 KitKat) (EOL)

Galaxy Note 3 with Touchwiz (Android 5.0 Lollipop)

Source code


(Please consider if you appreciate my work. Thanks)

/* Changelog */


    Fixed a critical bug where CPU frequency is stuck at max


    Updated to Linux 3.4.110

    Kernel base switched to Galaxy Note 3 Neo(N750SKSU1COJ3) for more updated sources

    Note 3 - Wi-Fi drivers updated with new blobs

    S4 - Wi-Fi drivers downgraded for better stability

    Optimizations added to intelli-plug for better responsiveness

    Power efficient workqueues extended to more parts

    Block, RCU, dma-mapper, SLUB performance improved

    Default CPU governor changed to intelliactive

    f2fs updated to Linux 4.5

    Support dropped for CyanogenMod 12.1, older Touchwiz firmwares

    Support added for CyanogenMod 13.0, newer Touchwiz firmwares with security fixes

    Dynamic fsync disabled by default for lowering chances of file-system corruption

    eMMC CRC enabled by default for lowering chances of file-system corruption

    Proximity sensor fixed for newer Note 3 Touchwiz firmwares

    Video recording flickers fixed by CekMTL

    LZ4 switched to LZO(zswap) for better stability


    Ramdisk updated for newly released Galaxy S4 LTE-A, Note 3 firmwares

    Only install this when previous releases doesn't boot!

    Installing this would bootloop on older firmwares!

    Use this for Galaxy S5 V16+ firmwares!


    Updated to Linux 3.4.109

    cpuidle commits reverted

    NVIDIA's power-efficiency improvement commits reverted

    Adreno idler disabled by default for better responsiveness

    Lazyplug disabled by default for better responsiveness

    Westwood as default TCP congestion control for better networking performance

    ROW I/O Scheduler set as the default for better responsiveness

    f2fs updated to Linux 4.3-rc4


    Bic as default TCP congestion control for better networking performance


    G900TUVU1FOG6(Android 5.1) sources merged

    Installs new Adreno drivers for rebased kernel

    arteractive removed, replaced by interactive

         - Fixes weirdness in frequency scaling

         - Fixes Touchwiz DVFS

    DVFS CPU lock issue fixed

    Lazyplug added and enabled by default

        (Huge thanks to hsk from Matcl for early feedbacks)

        (More info)

    f2fs updated to stable Linux 4.2

    Fixed decreased stability due to unaligned access on Touchwiz

    NVIDIA's power-efficiency improvement commits merged


    lz4 enabled for zswap

        (Better memory performance)

    Unaligned access re-enabled for Touchwiz

        (Better performance)

    Exhaustive, periodic freeze fixed

    Memory optimizations

    cpuidle updated

        (Better power consumptions)

    AIO regression reverted

    Updated to latest Galaxy S4, Note 3 sources

    Firmware durps fixed for Galaxy Note 3

    BFQ I/O scheduler updated to v7r8


    Updated to Linux 3.4.108

    Lowmemorykiller code modified for less aggressive kills

        (TL;DR - Memory optimizations)

    Added user configurable vnswap toggle

        (Search the OP for vnswap)

    vnswap now enabled by default for Galaxy Note 3 with Touchwiz ROMs

    Potential issues with IPv6 fixed

    More optimizations to arteractive

        (Better power consumptions and responsiveness)

    Zen-tune from Liquorix kernel removed

        (Not ideal on low memory environments like Android)

        (Can cause significant performance degradation on some situations)

    Other misc performance and battery improvements


    Binder tweak in version 7.0 reverted

        (Solves weird lagginess)


    Durpy governor changes removed

    Simple GPU governor removed

        (Good for no one)

    IR blaster on AOSP fixed

    Changes, mostly related to power, made to graphics panel

    NFS, CIFS network file-systems enabled

    Galaxy Note 3 - Keydisabler for AOSP added

    Radio permissions fixed

        (Faster radio initializations)

    Binder tweaked to minimize overheads

    Adreno idler 1.1 added and enabled by default

        (A huge power-savings)

        (Huge thanks to hsk from Matcl for helping the development)

        (More info)



    Issue regarding device being recognized as CD-ROM fixed

    Ramdisk updated to fully support latest CyanogenMod 12.1 ROMs

    Simple GPU governor by faux123 added and set to default

        (Improves power consumption)

    Boot up speed improved

        (Especially on upgrading between ROMs)

    Touch and key booster now boosts the first CPU core only

        (Improves power consumption)

    Major changes to arteractive

         - Boosting algorithms are disabled when the screen goes off

         (Inspired by myfluxi's work on Nexus 5, improves idle battery)

         - Boosting algorithms now boosts the first CPU core only

         (Improves power consumption)

         - Few changes from CodeAuroraForum and Chromium merged

         (Mostly improving power consumption while maintaining performance)



    Frequency calculation on arteractive improved

    RCU_FAST_NO_HZ enabled for Galaxy S4 LTE-A

        (Improves power consumption)

    Now built using Linaro GCC 5.1

    Bluetooth battery consumption on AOSP ROMs improved

    Private Mode support for few selective Touchwiz ROMs added

        (Suggested by @nambavuong on XDA Developers)



    Updated to Linux 3.4.107

        (3200 lines of code changes)

    More graphics memory management improvements

    f2fs updated

    Discard option re-enabled for f2fs

        (Jaegeuk Kim says inline kernel handlings for discard is more efficient)

    Userspace trim disabled for f2fs

        (Reduces vold overhead on FITRIM requests)

    Trim fixed for some NAND storage for f2fs



    Support for AOSP(CyanogenMod) 5.0 dropped

        (Now supports Android 5.1)

    Fixed several graphical issues

    Improved graphics memory managements

    Bluetooth issues occured by stock Lollipop kernel fixed

        (msm_serial_hs ported from Nexus 5)

    Low Latency audio disabled, again

        (Fixes several audio glitches)

    Installation failure due to non-existant nod fixed

    CPU LPM parameter fixed

    Support for Galaxy S5 postponed due to lack of device



    Issues related to background apps continously getting killed fixed (by hsk)

        (Major bug fix and performance improvements)

    Vnswap on Galaxy Note 3 International removed

    Ramdisk reworked for Galaxy S4 LTE-A Touchwiz

    Flip-cover fixed on devices with AOSP ROMs

    Color temperature feature(LiveDisplay) implemented

    Many memory improvements from Android 5.1 merged

    Knox will now be disabled during installation

    Proper support for Korean Galaxy Note 3 including DMB



    Temporary release for supporting CyanogenMod 12.1 on Galaxy S4 LTE-A



    GT-I9506_EUR_LL_Opensource_Update1.zip Merged (Galaxy S4 LTE-A)

    Firmware partitions now mounted without SELinux context for Touchwiz

        (Fixes some boot issues)

    Bluetooth configurations updated for CyanogenMod 12 (Galaxy S4 LTE-A, Galaxy Note 3)

    Kernel boot image size overhead issues fixed for Galaxy Note 3 running Touchwiz



    Kernel entirely rebased to latest Samsung Lollipop kernel sources

    Initial support for Galaxy S5

    Android 4.4 KitKat ROM support dropped

    Low Latency Audio support for Galaxy S4 LTE-A, Galaxy Note 3 added

    Hardware calibrated audio support for Galaxy S4 LTE-A, Galaxy Note 3 added

    Chinese language restrictions removed

    Binder treated as GPF_HIGHUSER process (by faux123)

    Intelli-plug updated to version 4.0 (by faux123)

    CPU, governor profiles updated

    MHL support for AOSP enabled



    Zen-tune from Liquorix kernel implemented

        (Reduces lags)

    Latest CyanogenMod 12 ramdisk changes merged

        (Fixes bootloop on latest builds)

    f2fs updated



    Support for N900T/W8 added

    Galaxy S5 firmware port for Galaxy Note 3 support added

    Ramdisk for AOSP updated

    Wi-Fi fixed for Touchwiz Android 5.0 Lollipop users with Galaxy S4 LTE-A

    f2fs updated



    Initial support for Galaxy Note 3

    Reboot, re-released to XDA

/* Installation */

1. Put the downloaded kernel on your internal storage

2. Enter ClockworkMod(or PhilZ) recovery

3. Flash kernel



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